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Web Mapping, Leaflet plugins and WebGIS.



osm contributors by area

List of contributors who have participated in a given OSM area

leaflet panel layers

Leaflet Control Layers extended with support groups and icons

leaflet layerjson

Build dynamic JSON Layer via Ajax/JSONP with caching

leaflet gps

Simple control to show a gif loader to the center of the map

leaflet compass

A leaflet control plugin to make simple rotating compass using HTML5 api

Ultra Light Gallery

Photo Gallery Wysiwyg, plugins architecture, multi-level caching, geolocation, loading and editing of albums

Track GPS Network

GPS tracking system of remote multiple devices and tracks spatial search

Leaflet Search Control

Leaflet Control for searching markers/features by attribute on map or remote service in jsonp/ajax

GoogleMap Trace

Create and store online gpx traces over on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap Sat

DNS-320 PHP Interface

Command line interface for NAS Dlink 320 ShareCenter Pulse

python dem picker

Digital Elevation Model data picker, with http interface

leaflet loader

Simple control to show a gif loader to the center of the map

jQuery FilterBox

jQuery Plugin for search and filters interactively objects within the page


Create Javascript effects without Javascript code

bootstrap list filter

Search widget to filter Bootstrap lists

Share Gpx Track

Share and Embedding GPX tracks online

Routing System OSM

Routing system and road maps on OpenStreetMap using the service yournavigation.org

Realtime Access Tracking

Daemon for tracking realtime access, with websocket communication, web interface and desktop in python

Realtime Access Map

Realtime access analysis for web sites and clients geo-location

Leaflet List Markers

A Leaflet Control for listing visible markers/features in a interactive box

JS Auto Compiler

PHP Javascript compiler, automatically compress and optimize js files served by Apache, via Google Closure API

Download Limiter

PHP Download System to limit the number of completions and configurable speed limits

Crop & Rotate Avatar

Interactive interface for cropping and rotation of photos for creating an avatar's profile

Chess Websocket

Chess game multiplayer online via websocket

jQuery JSONBuilder

jquery plugin to create form fields from json structure

PHP Interactive Doc

Navigation of standard php functions, with interactive suggestions

Mega CommandLine Tools

Simple Command line interface for Mega.co.nz API written in Python


interactive converter code from LessCSS to Standard CSS

Json beautifier

Simple and interactive JSON beatifier online